Before bouquets are ever brought in from the fields, flowers are an essential part of any farm! They mark the seasons, cheer us up after long days spent caring for animals and tending to crops, and they’re so important—growing flowers among your vegetables attracts pollinators and makes your veggies happier!

As the chief flower whisperer at Clyde Farm, I grow many, many varieties of ornamental and edible flowers, grains and grasses throughout the season—generally from May through September—at a few different sites in Brentwood, where I can tend to them daily. I also harvest wild-growing flowers, branches and brambles (sustainably, of course) when inspiration—or a lively goldenrod explosion—strikes.

The easiest way to enjoy a season’s-worth of Clyde Farm florals is to join our flower CSA (sign up here or see more below). You can also find our bouquets at the Stout Oak Farm Store Tues–Fri, or buy select single varieties from Inkwell Flowers in Newmarket and Cymbidium Floral in Exeter.

I’m happy to offer floral design and bulk flower pickups for special events—read more below! You can also spot our flowers gracing the tables of one of our favorite Exeter businesses: Blue Moon Evolution (our chicken’s on their menu, too!).

I’m excited to announce that I’m in the final stages of obtaining USDA Organic Certification for my flowers—Clyde Farm eggs, chicken, lamb and turkey have been certified for years now—and I can assure you that that everything I grow is from Certified Organic seeds (whenever possible), raised without chemical preservatives or pesticides, and is GMO-free from the first sowing until the final stem is plucked from the earth!

If you have any questions about Clyde Farm flowers, or want to discuss options for your special event package, please don't hesitate to contact me! 


Clyde Farm’s flower CSA gives you a bouquet a week for 10 weeks—starting in July.  We also offer a 5 bouquet every-other-week option. It is $150 for the 10-bouquet option and $80 for 5 bouquets.

Sign up here!

The selection you’ll find in your bouquet each week changes along with the season—no one week will be quite the same! You can always count on a combination of native species, rare heirlooms and classic favorites, from anemones to zinnias. Everything is grown organically, and our CSA flowers are picked the day before you receive your bouquet, ensuring at least a week of gorgeous vase life.  

Are you a business owner? 

We offer $300 bulk flower shares for the same 10-week CSA season beginning in July!

This includes:

-1 bountiful bouquet for a host stand or business entrance.

-~50 stems of a combination of seasonal varieties in a 5-gallon bucket, enough for ~5 small bouquets.

*Please note that local delivery is only available for bulk orders in Exeter, Brentwood, Stratham and Newmarket.

If you're interested in a business share, please contact Kristen directly!

Special Events

Parties, weddings, showers, you name it!

We would be honored to provide flowers for your next event! Nothing brightens up a room like fresh-cut flowers, and keeping it local means your flowers will be the freshest they can be, and will last longer than conventional flowers, which are typically shipped internationally. Choosing Clyde Farm also means you will be provided with a unique selection of flower varieties adept at growing in our New England climate!

Remember that everything is grown from organic seed, and we don’t use any toxic chemicals to preserve our flowers after they are cut. We have quite a beautiful selection of edible flowers which makes them a great choice for decorating a cake for your next event!


Wholesale flowers available to florists; we are always looking for more outlets for our flowers to go!